How to add a picture to your post with HTML:

How to post a picture on the blog:

First, you have to upload your pictures somewhere. If you have an FTP transfer client, you can upload it this way (to your website)...

or if not, you can upload to photobucket, imageshack, etc. Both free services.When you upload your photograph with photobucket, etc, they will give you a few codes to copy and paste on the blog.    Just copy then paste the code directly into the blog comments and submit. (You'll want to use the one with HTML, not BBcode.)

If you want to directly link from a picture on your website, you can right click the picture, and copy the URL (It'll look like: ") Then, paste the URL in your post at the blog, and wrap it with these tags:


It would look similar to this <img src=""> when it's completed.

Hope that helps!


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